Whether you have a kid who CAN’T read or a kid who WON’T read, it comes down to the same thing:

You’ve got a reading problem, and you need solutions.


Why Nurturing Literacy?

Welcome to Nurturing Literacy, THE place for solving reading problems. UNIQUELY.

At Nurturing Literacy, we look at READING and EVERYTHING ELSE your child brings to reading so you get the solutions your need.

  • Solutions that end the homework battles.
  • Solutions that end the tears.
  • Solutions that let you enjoy being a family again.

How can a parent find solutions?

It starts with the questions.

By asking the right questions, you can get the right solutions. Solutions that are effective, and efficient.and help your child do better and feel better.

By asking the right questions, you can understand your child’s READING and EVERYTHING ELSE your child brings to reading.



How do you ask the right questions?

It starts with knowing what’s available out there. There’s a boat load of cutting-edge research! We know things about the brain and body that sleep apnea ADHD behavior problems anxiety depressionwouldn’t have been possible just a decade ago.


And while some parents have been able to uncover this information, most parents have not been given access to this information. The simple reason is that this information has remained largely in the “Ivory Towers” and in the hands of highly specialized practitioners.

Until now.


How do I know??

I live it everyday. Here at Nurturing Literacy, I give you:

  • over twenty years of experience as a reading specialist and evaluator, working with readers (and a whole lot of parents and professionals along the way);
  • over fifteen years of using natural health practices to reclaim and maintain wellness;
  • over a decade of “mom” experience (thanks to my two lovely school-aged cherubs who have taken down the path of food sensitivities and sleep-related breathing problems);
  • abundant knowledge of the current cognitive sciences research (yes, I’m a neuroscience nerd!);
  • an integration of mind-body connection practices (not to be missed!);
  • an abundant love of reading
  • a belief in the power of reading together; and
  • a deep respect for the natural right of parents to follow their hearts and minds as they raise their children.

Are you ready to go from reading problems to reading progress©?

Take the quiz to find out if your child is on the path to reading success.

dyslexia reading problems teach my child to read ADHD

Take the quiz to find out if your loved one is showing the signs of a nighttime breathing problem. (11% of all children have breathing problems during sleep!)

SOLVING READING PROBLEMS. UNIQUELY. Find out more about me here.

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