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Here is everything Yvonne, Raewyn and I talked about in the episode.

What is making my parenting life easier?

That’s an easy one…Color Switchers markers! My kids love using them to make designs and write secret messages. So I love them because my kids are happily occupied, and I can do what I need to do. Plus we get that fun literacy time together when we figure out the secret messages!

Also, these markers are perfect for the Reader Maker© reading activity. What is the Reader Maker©?? It’s the best way to have some reading fun and boost your child’s reading to the next level.   (YouTube Channel video coming soon…SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL NOW).

What did we say about sleep-related breathing problems and reading?

A sleep-related breathing problem (called “Pediatric Sleep-disordered Breathing (PSDB))  is devastating for your child in all these ways:

  • physical health,
  • emotional well being,
  • reading and overall academic success, and
  • even looks!

But your child will not tell you he’s dealing with a sleep-related breathing problem every night. He will not tell you because he can’t! He simply doesn’t know. And, the unfortunate fact is that most pediatricians do not know, either.


Look for these signs when your child is AWAKE (click here for the #1 sign):

pediatric sleep disordered breathing awake teeth mouth breather congestion facial deformity long face
If you see these signs of Pediatric Sleep-disordered Breathing (PSDB) while your child is AWAKE, check for other signs when your child is ASLEEP.

If you see any of these signs when your child is AWAKE, click here for a checklist of easy-to-spot signs you can look for when he is ASLEEP.

reading skill quiz assessment evaluation test teach elementary school kindergarten first grade second third motivation
Are you concerned about your child’s reading? Or do you just want to KNOW if everything’s ok? Take this quiz.
What is making my life happy this week?

INSPIRATION! And I mean the”mind mapping” program called Inspiration. I love it, and my kids love it. We use it for everything, from planning the weekly menu to helping with homework. You can check it out at

(And no, I am not an affiliate of the program…I just love it! The Color Switchers graphic is an affiliate link, though, and you know the drill: same cost for you, tiny commission back to me to help run the website–thanks!)

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