“Tara was an incredible resource for our family. Her evaluations and reports uncovered academic concerns that were not reflected in our communications with our child’s school. Figuring out the special education system can be overwhelming, and Tara was an invaluable resource for us. She held a critical role in improving communication and action with the school and leading us to the correct education pathway for our child. Tara is a pleasure to work with, is responsive, incredibly intelligent, and a parent herself. We are so grateful for all of her help!”
Suzanne, mom of 10 year old

Our son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder accompanied by intellectual deficits and Tara was incredibly patient with all of us during this difficult process.  She was a diligent and eloquent advocate for our son when we needed help at our PPT meeting and specific literacy and comprehension goals for his IEP.   I really can’t speak highly enough about her expertise –  she was thorough, insightful, fair and balanced…all of which helped us when dealing with our former school district and the new school in which he now attends.
Kathy, mom of 12 year old
“Every parent’s hope is to find someone who can home in on why their child is struggling. Tara did just that for us. After years of mixed messages, Tara’s evaluation and recommendations set us on the right path to help our son and his teachers find a path forward through his literacy challenges. We are so grateful!”
Christina, mom of 11 year old
“I have known Tara since she tutored my now twenty-five-year old in second grade. Tara had a huge impact on his reading development and thus confidence. Her expertise in evaluating and remediating students is fantastic. I have recommended Tara to several friends in an effort to help them gain the clarity necessary to provide the right help for their child’s success.
Tara gets to the core of why the student struggles, and more importantly, what to do about it. She is an invaluable resource, helping parents navigate what is going on, or what should be going on at school. Her evaluations are clear with specific recommendations to give students the tools to succeed.”

Betsy, mom of former student
“Tara had the right combination of experience, credentials and temperament to finally get through to my 16-year-old.  After striking out with several tutors, we found Tara and she was a keeper! Also, Tara was the first person who suggested that my daughter might have food allergies, and that they could be adding to my daughter’s struggles. We decided to get her tested, and we’re so glad we did! It turned out she had celiac disease!”
Sheryl, mom of 16 year old
“My husband and I learned that our daughter had language challenges in elementary school. She needed help not just with reading, but with her confidence and building her self esteem. Our daughter resisted other tutors’ attempts; but Tara truly met her where she was — navigating a young girl’s complex needs for skill building, improving comprehension and unlocking true motivation from within. Tara delivered it all with great competency, compassion and fun, and now our daughter is a confident reader who self advocates and excels in high school. We are so grateful to have had Tara on our “team.” She was and still is an incredible resource for our family.”
Angie, mom of high schooler
“Tara has been an invaluable resource for my second grade son. She has been working with him since the middle of first grade. At his mid-year conference, I was told he was meeting benchmarks. But I noticed things that were worrying me with a young reader. I decided he needed a “reading check up.”
Not only does Tara have a deep knowledge of the process of learning to read but also of the local school systems and how they teach reading. I’m thrilled I decided to check in with her. She has put my mind at ease and given my son the tools he needs to progress to the next level.”
Abby, mom of 7 year old
“If you are looking for a literacy specialist with excellent credentials, who is compassionate and patient, who uses not only her intelligence to help your child but humor as well, then Tara Clancy is for you!  My son can be a challenge to work with and he enjoyed working with Ms. Clancy as she guided him on writing an essay that was instrumental in helping him get accepted into several of his top choice colleges.”
Victoria, mom of 17 year old
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