how to teach reading preschooler

If there’s one question I get ALL the time, it’s  about how to teach reading to children.

The simple answer is that all the “activities” you see in books and online are not the answer. Those things do become important, but not in the beginning.

In fact, focusing on those “activities” early on can undo all your efforts to teach reading to your child.

Why? Because those activities produce children who CAN  read but not necessarily children who CAN and WILL read. And we can all agree that we want kids who do actually read, right?

So what’s a parent to do? Check out this quick interview with Nicole from “The Break 4 Moms” to find out how to teach reading to your child.  You’ll see why Nicole concludes that teaching reading is not what parents think it is…which is great news for you and your child!

Find out if your school-aged child is on the path to reading success. Take the quiz.


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