Breathing Problem Consultation

If you’re living with a breathing problem–or someone you love is–it’s scary. At any time, in any place, your ability to breathe freely can be taken from you.

I know because I’ve been there:

  1. I lived with adult-onset asthma for years.
  2. Both of my kids had nighttime breathing problems.

At first, our only treatment options were things like:

  1. inhaler for the asthma
  2. surgery for tonsils and adenoids
  3. CPAP machine (which treats the symptoms but does not correct the underlying problem).

If you want to treat the symptoms only, those options are adequate. But I wanted SOLUTIONS!

So I researched and researched and researched. And guess what? And I found solutions. I reversed my asthma. We’ve dramatically reduced our nighttime breathing problems and are close to eliminating them completely.

There are other specialized fields that can SOLVE breathing problems.  And that’s why I can help you.

I can help you understand the treatments that are available to you. Treatments that solve the underlying problem. Treatments that eliminate the need for inhalers, surgery and CPAP machines!

Solving the underlying problem–and not just treating the symptoms–is essential. Why? Because a breathing problem affects you every second of every day.

If you want to save yourself or your loved one from the life-altering effects of a breathing problem, you need an individualized action plan. Schedule a consultation today.



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