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You’ve got that gut feeling that something just isn’t right about your child’s reading. But you don’t know what to do. You’ve come to the right place. I have the solution you need: the  Reading CheckUP©.

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The Reading CheckUP©


If you’re not sure why your child is struggling, think about this:

Do you know if your child’s brain is “hard-wired” for reading? You should.

Why? Because 50% of kids have brains that are “hard-wired” for reading and writing. These lucky ducks will learn to read and write–with ease! And it doesn’t matter who teaches them or how they are taught! Literacy will come easily, and with that, the potential for a lifetime of happiness.

But what about the other 50%? Not so lucky. They will show signs of struggle as young readers. Some signs will be obvious. And some will be very subtle.  But these kids will be affected, and their reading struggles turn into a lifetime of challenge, embarrassment and missed opportunity. Less achievement, less success, less happiness.


But everything changes when these kids get the right kind of instruction, the kind that enables them to rewire their own brains:

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WHAT’S THE FIRST STEP? Finding out whether a child is showing the signs of a struggling reader.

Perhaps you already know your child is struggling as a reader because:

  • reading problems (like dyslexia) run in the family
  • the school is expressing concerns about your child’s reading and/or writing
  • the words “meeting benchmarks” keep coming up during parent conferences and on report cards

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Maybe you just have a “gut” feeling that something isn’t right because your child shows signs of reading struggles, or perhaps your little one is simply not as happy as she used to be.

Some of these things are normal for young readers. But some are signs of a reading difficulty, and it varies by grade level. Find out if your child is on the path to reading success or not. Check here.

If you have that feeling that something is not right, get the answers you need to help your child.

The Reading CheckUP© will give you the insights into your child’s reading development and an individualized action plan. And it’s as easy as 1…2…3!

Learn how the Reading CheckUP©  can change your child’s life. And yours.  


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Reading CheckUP©

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Help your child go from reading problems to reading progress.

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