Resources for Life-long Reader Talk

Hello! The resources are on this page!

Thanks for attending the talk on nurturing a LIFE-LONG love of reading. I hope it re-energized you about reading and that you and your family will soon be reaching your goals as readers. Remember… #ShareSomeReading! 🙂

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Now, the resources from the TOP 5 to “Take Out” Today handout:


Enclothed Cognition: The Power of Clothes:




“Aging Booth” (pictured below) is just one of several apps–and it’s FREE! 🙂

iPhone Screenshot 1

Future Self TED Talk with Daniel Goldstein:



Be AGILE and revisit and revise with your family:

The Happy Families Toolkit download

Bruce Feiler’s TED Talk:


Are you looking for a book for your child? Try this neat “Book Finder” feature.


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