BAD ROMANCE for Mouth Breathers??

 It’s the Mid-week Reading Challenge (MWRC), this time with a little Lady Gaga and something that can give you “Bad Romance.” Yep, it’s all about Mouth Breathers!

Trying to get your tweens and teens to read more? Put a little “pleasure” back into reading by sharing the “Mouth Breathers”  MWRC with them–any way you like!  #ShareSomeReading to send a message that reading is enjoyable.

(Got a question about how to motivate your older child to read?  Check out our Facebook group, Nurturing Literacy Talking with Tara.)

Or “Print and Pin” the “Mouth Breathers” graphic somewhere. The kids will notice. The kids will comment. And that could be the start of something great–if not this week, then next!

Lady Gaga P-Diddy rapper Bad Romance fake news mouth breathers

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