January is HOT TEA MONTH…perfect for MWRC HOT TEA TRIVIA! Find out how long it’s been around, how it was invented, and what panda “poo” has to do with it all!

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And if you’re trying to get your tweens and teens to read more, put a little “pleasure” back into reading by sharing the “HOT TEA TRIVIA”  MWRC with them–any way you like!  #ShareSomeReading in some way to send a message that reading is enjoyable.  (Got a question about how to motivate your older child to read?  Check out the Ask Tara! freebie Q&A.)

And “Print and Pin” the HOT TEA TRIVIA graphic somewhere. The kids will notice. The kids will comment. And that could be the start of something great–if not this week, then next!

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Ritz Carlton Hong Kong water filtration filters hot tea month China Chinese panda

Why is FILTERED WATER so important? Because it is an unfortunate modern day reality that our tap water is unhealthy and particularly damaging to children.

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Giving themselves a shortcut!

Do you have little ways to enjoy reading with your tweens and teens?

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