MWRC–Black History Month

Kids are kids…except when they are doing life-changing things in the public eye! In honor of Black History Month, this week’s Mid-week Reading Challenge (MWRC) explores some young heroes of the Civil Rights Era. Check out these courageous kids!

Wishing your tween or teen would read more? One sure-fire way is to put some pleasure back into reading…read together! 

CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S READING?   Take the quiz. Find out if your child is on the path to reading success.

Got questions? Get them answered! I go live in our Facebook group to answer your questions. Check out Nurturing Literacy Talking with Tara!

Here’s this week’s topic:

Black History Month Civil Rights Era Martin Luther King Jr. Claudette Colvin Clara Super Freeman Habrowski Birmingham Alabama John F. Kennedy Civil Rights Act of 1964 Children's Crusade

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