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I love Janine’s podcast and am so excited to have been featured. I’d like to share my¬†“Magic Formula” because¬†I think it is the key to a happy life full of Living, Loving and Laughing.

I like to think of my magic formula as the ¬†“3-Rs”… they have been instrumental in my personal and entrepreneurial growth over the last few years. Here they are:

The First R…READING:

The resource that opened up my mind to the idea of online entrepreneurship is¬†Pat Flynn’s excellent website (and podcast): (I recommend starting with podcasts episodes 15, 16 and 17.)

To help you get at the specifics of being a female entrepreneur, look no further than ¬†Kathy McShane. Her book¬†is great to give perspective and solutions to so many things, and she has a bonus section on writing a business plan–invaluable! Also, here is a link to Kathy’s website...she’s an incredible resource and connection if you’re looking to start a business.

Here it is… “The 10X Rule.” Whether you are in the planning phase or trying to figure out how to scale your business, seek this out. ¬†Read it¬†to get the right mindset for really “crushing it.”


And when you’re ready to leap into using social media, check out this excellent¬†“how to” by Gary Vaynerchuk. It uses a case study format of the successes and failures of specific campaigns done on Facebook, Twitter, etc. And the “take aways” and actionable steps are clear. I love this book!

Before being ready to jump into the online entrepreneur mindset, though, a few pivotal “personal growth” books helped me shift my thinking. These include:

Martha Beck’s “Finding Your North Star” has great anecdotes and simple but thought-provoking exercises to help you move your mind to where you want it to be.

Richards’ book is excellent to guide you through some brief, written exercises to help you uncover your genius and NAME IT!¬†He writes¬†about the physical sensations many people experience as they get closer and closer to their genius–and it’s true! I had the same experience!

The Second R…(W)RITING:

Get in the habit of journaling, both when you feel great and when you’re feeling anxious or stuck about something. ¬†“Write about it three times” is advice that is given regularly, and I can say it really works for me.

Schedule your time…fully! This is the best planner I have found.¬†¬†It begins with¬†a very inspirational section on the power of attitude, goals and actions. ¬†Then it provides the structure for managing those goals across the day, week, month and year! And it comes in a variety of colors!! (I bought fuschia, of course!)

Or get into mindfulness and practicing gratitude with this neat, little Five Minute daily journal. Many people swear by it because it helps them make it a habit, and we are creatures of habit, so why not develop positive ones?? (Sorry, no picture available, but you can see some images if you follow the link.)

The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day


Make it a priority to get some physical activity each day. I actually schedule it! Why? Because it clears my mind, which allows good, creative thought to enter. Not sure what might appeal to you? Yoga is awesome if you haven’t tried it already. If you’re looking for some other ideas…

Try climbing! It’s an excellent physical AND mental workout. Figuring out how to hang onto the wall keeps you in the moment! ūüėČ And if you’re afraid of heights…know you are not alone! Many people climb simply to conquer their fear of heights–rather than letting it limit them. Very empowering.

And I can’t even tell you how many great ideas I get while rollerblading!¬†If you really want to get moving, physically and mentally, try it! Rollerblades are¬†not even that expensive! Check out this great pair…

I always think about Ben Franklin’s saying:¬† “We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

SO THOSE ARE MY 3-Rs…my magic formula! I hope they inspire you to find yours. ūüôā

P.S. Are you a mom? Check out my Facebook group¬†Nurturing Literacy. We’re supporting each other as we¬†nurture ALL of our children to become HAPPY and HEALTHY readers.¬†Please¬†join us!

P.S. I’ve included links above for your convenience. Please note that the Amazon links are affiliate links. That means that the price is exactly the same if you go directly to Amazon, but using the link here helps me out because I get a small “affiliate’s commission” from Amazon for providing the link. So help me out, and then take this idea right to your own website! ūüôā

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