The Mid-week Reading Challenge…TURKEY TRIVIA!

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Thanksgiving Trivia to share with the whole family!

The Mid-week Reading Challenge…TURKEY TRIVIA!

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Do you want to KNOW how your child is doing as a reader? Take the quiz!

Grab someone and #ShareSomeReading

This Turkey season, put the pleasure back into reading for your tweens and teens. Use this Turkey Trivia to share some reading, and make it a tradition to READ SOMETHING TOGETHER!

(New to the Mid-week Reading Challenge? Check it out!)

Here’s this week’s Mid-week Reading Challenge Turkey Trivia:

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Giving Thanks for Your Child’s Literacy Growth this Turkey Day?

If your child’s report card was not what you expected, don’t let worry keep you up at night. You can soon be giving thanks for your child’s literacy development if you find out how your child is doing as a reader. Click here.

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